Friday, March 15, 2013

Winter Jam 2013

David took the older boys to their first real concert experience - Winter Jam!!  They were so excited!  When David texted me this picture, I was SO glad NOT to be there!!  Winter Jam is awesome - it's a cheap concert (only $10/ticket) and they have a TON of artists there, but this is how you get in.  You show up early and hope you get in with the masses.

 There's not a real line.  It's just massive crowds.  So when they open the door, everyone floods in until they close the doors.  And David thought I was crazy when I told him to go early!

 The boys thought it was super fun though, and added to the whole experience for them!  :)

 Toby Mac was the main artist the boys were interested in seeing.  The concert started at 7 pm, and Toby Mac didn't even come on stage until after 10 pm.  That is a LATE night for my little guys!
Jacob took a little bit of a break during some of the "opening" acts....they enjoyed Toby Mac and were awfully sleepy when they got home around midnight :).  So fun!

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