Friday, March 22, 2013

Lexington Flashlight Egg Hunt

 On Friday night, our city hosted a flashlight egg hunt - it was SO much fun!  They had a ton of carnival games all around before it got dark (at which my kids all won a free goldfish...yippee), free food, inflatables - super fun.  
 Then we all headed out to our respective fields.  They had it divided up by age group.  Thankfully, Josiah and Jacob were old enough to be at their field together while David and I were split between Callie and Caleb.  Then, they turned out all the lights, and...
...we turned our flashlights on and started hunting for eggs!  It so so much fun!  There were 50,000 eggs, and Callie found one of the 10 golden eggs!!  She was so excited - she won a special Easter bag filled with special goodies :).

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