Saturday, March 2, 2013

AWANA Grand Prix 2013

We've been waiting for this day for months!!  The Grand Prix is finally here!  Unfortunately, Caleb woke up during the night...and not because he was so excited about the Grand Prix!!  I got him back to sleep but in the morning discovered he had gross stuff draining out of his toe.  David confirmed that he probably had an ingrown toenail and we needed to get it checked out.  David took the other four to the Grand Prix while Caleb and I headed to the pediatrician. :(

 Jacob's is 2nd from left (Garnet & Black Crayon - GO USC!) and Callie's is 5th from left (Pink car with purple flames)
 Josiah's is the NFL football in the middle

Josiah and Joey helped keep Judah entertained :)

 Mr. Todd getting the cars lined up JUST perfectly on the track
 Callie was apparently VERY nervous...not sure why, but David said she was near tears before it was her turn to race.
 Mrs. Tammy helped her take her car to the track and then once she raced she was fine.  Bizarre!
 Meanwhile, Caleb and I were at the doctor and reading this book about the farmer.  He pointed to the picture and said "Mom, there's me and Wilson!" (Remember, he and his buddy got to dress up as raccoons in our Christmas musical last year :)  )

 Brother racing against brother.  Glad I wasn't there!
 Everybody came home with trophies!  I was shocked!! They were thrilled!
 We also brought home two more friends!  Our friends Mark & Shannon called that morning and said Shannon had gone into labor and could we keep her other girls for a bit.  Absolutely! Callie always loves the opportunity to have more girls come over!
 Jacob won 1st in Design, Callie won 3rd in Speed, and Josiah won 2nd in Speed.
 Callie and Kelly are two peas in a pod!
Heading out to jump on the trampoline for a bit :)

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