Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food from the Heart

 Our church partners with our Christian radio station and another church in the area to conduct the largest food drive in the Midlands every year.  It's called Food from the Heart, and we spread out all across the cities and ask people that are going into the grocery store if they would pick up an extra item or two to donate to the food banks in our area.  
 The response is always overwhelming.  For the most part, people are happy to help and the stories we hear of people that have been blessed in the past that are now able to give BACK to the food bank - it's amazing.
 It's a great project that our whole family is able to participate in, and the kids did a great job.  Jacob especially was excited to step up this year and actually TALK to people (not just hand out bags or stack up food).  I was so proud of him!

David and I were at two different entrances of Food Lion...apparently this is what our "helpful" kids were doing on his side...

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