Monday, March 11, 2013

1st Soccer Practice!

 This boy had hardly rolled out of bed when he came running into my room and said he needed to get ready for soccer!  His first practice was tonight and he was SO excited!!!  He has been dribbling a soccer ball up and down the field since he was 18 months old - not even joking.  We would be on the sidelines watching Jacob and Josiah play, and little baby Caleb would be dribbling the ball on the empty field next to them - better than some of their own teammates!  Ridiculous how coordinated this kid is.  So he was EXCITED!!

As the day progressed, some other exciting things I became his coach!  Oh my!  I had seen the emails that they were short a few coaches.  David was already coaching Callie's team.  Jacob and Caleb were also playing.  Josiah had decided to take the season off since his karate is pretty demanding on its own.  I was going to bounce between Jacob and Caleb's fields while keeping Judah with me.  But on the day of the first practice, I saw another email that one team was still without a coach.  And it was Caleb's team.  I called up the coordinator and agreed to coach.  Swallow.  I am NOT athletic.  At all.  Don't know a lot about soccer.  But I DO know three year olds.  And I know enough to teach them the basics of soccer.  That's really all 3 year olds need to know anyways, right?  I told Josiah when he got off the bus and he said "It's okay mom.  I'll help you.  I know everything about soccer".  Phew!  Caleb's team now officially had a coach and an assistant coach :)
 After GREAT practices, we went to Salsarita's, where Mondays is kids eat free night AND the balloon lady is there!  Score!!  (And for those wondering what my baby did while I was coaching, Judah hung out with my sweet friend Alli, whose kids were also practicing that night on our fields).  

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