Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off to Raleigh!

Long ago, we had made plans to take advantage of the Friday holiday and go see the our friends, Anthony & Beth, in Raleigh for the weekend. Friday holidays are very rare, and since that's David's day off, it makes for a great way to get a weekend visit in that doesn't require us to miss a Sunday! Then we had all this snow and school was cancelled for the week anyways - but the roads were clear enough for us to head out of town! We couldn't wait! :)
To say that Addison & Callie were glad to see each other is an understatement! These girls are two of a kind. Both have survived having 2 older brothers (and are pretty tough as a result) but they are also ALL GIRL - so they are quickly becoming BFFs! :)

They're about a year apart, so in the past there was definitely a gap between the two - but now they are both at a great age and played awesome together. Just give them a few babies and some dress up clothes and they were SET! :)
Look at that hair - getting a wee bit out of control. Doesn't take him long to find a microphone anywhere he goes though! :)
My boys were very impressed with Mrs. Beth's new phone. Harrison was showing them how he can play "Angry Birds" on it - they loved it!
Happy friends together again!
More happy friends together again! :)
(Beth surprised me with another matchy matchy sweatshirt from our alma mater! They should put us on a commercial don't you think? Love it!)

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anthonyandbeth said...

these pictures just bring a HUGE smile to my face! i LOVE your kids and i LOVE YOU!!! (and David too...which was really fun that he could come too.) :) love the pix of our girls. they were just the most adorable little friends while they were together and Addison has not stopped talking about CAllie since. even named a baby doll after her. :) love the LU sweatshirts! :)