Friday, January 14, 2011

Marbles Fun!

Anthony even took the day off on Friday so we were ALL on vacation!! We decided to head to Marbles, the children's museum in downtown Raleigh, for our adventure that morning! We've been there before (it was a few years ago - I had less children...) but it's always SO much fun and there's all kinds of fun for everyone!
Probably the perfect way to start the morning for these boys! (And yes, they have the same robe...and they both LOVE their robes!) After a good breakfast, we were off!
I can't believe that after having 4 kids, we still don't have a train table! Just a big basket that all the train stuff stays in and we pull it out to set up on the carpet. These train tables are always a HUGE hit for my kids because of that!

This was Callie's favorite section. They had a little pet shop and a spot where you could take your dog for a walk - she and Caleb loved it!!!
Josiah and Harrison's pizzaria :)
This is how daddies "watch" children...sitting at a table....talking...hmmm....good thing Beth & I weren't far away!
We headed over to another section to work on a huge LEGO tower...
Callie enjoyed cutting some wood in half
Josiah headed to the art project table to see what he could design
David and Anthony got so focused on building the tower that I think they lost track of the fact that none of the KIDS were there anymore!! :)
They had a little racetrack where you could build your own car out of Kid K'nex (love those things!) and then race them down a track. Caleb stood at the end and clapped and cheered for all the cars! :)
A little painting (Caleb's first time - I don't get paint out very often at home! :) )

Oh dear - Callie found the dance stage! Daddy was showing her how to do a cheer...
He's pretty good isn't he? I guess all the dancing from his Brother's Keeper days was coming right back to him!
Surf's up dude!
Climbing Mt. Everest

Jacob will always find a ball - here's the soccer "field"
I told her that Uncle Scott would be proud! :)
Hang ten!
They even had a little hockey rink that kids could do in their sock feet!!

We had a BLAST - the kids were exhausted and had SO much fun! I don't know why I don't have a single picture of Jackson - except that the kids were running from station to station so fast that I'm amazed I have any pictures at all! We LOVE that place - and even better to do it with friends!

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anthonyandbeth said...

the lego building was hilarious. our guys were serious about their building. :) marbles is much more fun when the schrodts are in town! :)