Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dollhouse, Tickets, and THE Golden Corral

Callie had a LOT of fun playing with Addison's new dollhouse that she got for Christmas. (which is good because we have a dollhouse in the attic we've been saving to give to Callie for her birthday!)
Even when going outside, these two girls were never far apart from each other!

Later that morning, Anthony got the mail from yesterday and MUCH to his dismay, there was a ticket in there from a red light camera! Beth had run a red light one afternoon and they got it on camera and sent her a ticket! Well, a few hours later, TODAY's mail came and there was ANOTHER ticket in there - this time from ANTHONY running the same red light!! They were not very happy campers!!!
We topped our visit off with a visit to THE Golden Corral in Raleigh. It's the Williams' favorite place to go, and we've been harassing them about it for years! :) We'd never been, but they finally convinced us to give it a shot after telling us about their brand new one that was just built. Raleigh is the HQ for Golden Corral, so they built the mac daddy of all GC's there - and it was amazing!!! A salad bar with probably 100 choices, any kind of southern, comfort food you could want (the BEST fried chicken), a made-to-order seafood skillet station, a mexican bar, an italian pasta bar, pizza station, pot roast, beef slicing station, a chinese bar - seriously EVERYTHING you could want!!! It was pretty amazing!
The big boys got to sit at their own table and they stuffed themselves silly!
Jacob enjoyed the finger jello - and can you see his ice cream sundae? I think there's ice cream in that bowl somewhere - underneath the gummy bears and other candy.
Yep, definitely a sugar coma coming over Jackson
Caleb thought it was fantastic. I could have used a hose to clean him off!
The dessert bar even had a cotton candy machine!!!
Caleb liked it :)
Callie liked it :)
Trying to convince Addison to try it...
And she tried it and liked it! :)
here's a picture of the sign over the dessert bar - ice creams, cakes, cupcakes, brownies,
Had to take a picture of this - I've never actually seen one, but it makes total sense! Rather than wrapping your freshly washed hands around a grimy door handle (or trying to use your elbow to open the door), use the sanitary door opener! :)
Yes, they even had a chocolate fountain! I'm telling you - it was incredible!
One last picture before we had to hit the road and head back home. (Of course we had a kid wrapped around our legs - always!). We had a great time - they are such precious friends and we ALWAYS love getting together with them. Thanks for letting us spend some of our snow vacation with you!!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

the tickets. hilarious! the was the unfolded was just priceless! :) glad we could introduce you to the mac-daddy Golden Corral! :) love me some GC fried chicken!

love having you all here and can't wait for the next time!!! love you!