Monday, January 10, 2011

It really did snow!!!

The talk ALL weekend was about the forecasted snow. The kids had talked about it at school the week before, and EVERYONE was all atwitter about it at church on Sunday. My children's choir kickoff was that night, and I had people asking me if we were going to cancel it because of the FORECASTED snow! (No we did not!) So you can imagine how excited we all were to wake up and ACTUALLY see snow on the ground!!!

Look Caleb! That's snow outside!
I love these kind of pictures of snow - everything is covered, it's perfectly quiet and peaceful, no tracks or footprints yet - everything is still!!
I wanted all the kids to stand in front so I could get a picture - but Jacob simply could not contain himself - he had to go get IN it!! :) (And yes, he's in a tshirt in the snow!)
So much for no tracks and perfectly covered, right?
The first of many treks outside. The problem is none of our kids have appropriate snow clothes (i.e. snow pants, big puffy jackets, waterproof mittens/gloves). So what that means is they LOVE being outside and playing....until they are wet and cold. So it was lots of in and out ALL day long. Go out, play, come in, dry off, warm up by the fire, clothes in dryer, then back out again an hour later to do it all over again.

The accurate measuring tool - how much snow is on top of the mailbox! We got about 4-5 inches I suppose.
Work began on the snowman immediately...

Caleb loved it! He was very intrigued by it all (and yes, he has socks on his feet...we somehow lost his mittens after the FL everglades trip...poor baby)
She loved the snow...until she got the slightest bit wet and then she would start hysterically screaming and or crying. She was a mess. She hates to be bundled up anyways, so it was an ordeal to get her dressed to go out....only to have her throw a fit about it 5 minutes later. Sigh.

don't eat yellow snow caleb!!!
We made sno-cones with kool-aid...but i only had cherry flavor, so when they spilled stuff, it looked like drops of blood in the snow...sort of creepy.
Callie and our neighbor Sage - they are GREAT friends!
Our snow....creature. They used the water company pole to build him off of, so it ended up sort of a strange though!

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Anthony said...

loving looking at all the pictures!! keep looking for your visit in January! :)