Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun with Friends

Playing Twister Hoopla - what a FUN game! :)
This is how my house looked for most of the week. The kids were SO excited to get to play all they wanted and not have to deal with distractions like homework and school! So we had our friends from the neighborhood over quite a bit! They'd go outside and play in the snow for a couple of hours, then come back, take all their wet stuff off (quite a mess!), dry off and play inside for a while. Made me very thankful to live in a neighborhood like we do and be able to do that. I've always said that we want our house to be a place that our kids and their friends WANT to hang out at - so i reminded myself of that OFTEN as I was cleaning up snow clothes and wet boots all over my house all week! :) We had fun though!


Anthony said...

it's a have friends and a home to invite them into. and they will see and feel the love of Jesus in your home, so open it up girl! let those little kids come in! your children will never forget it! :)

anthonyandbeth said...

why does it say anthony? i didn't know he had a blogger account. :)