Friday, September 4, 2009

Waking up to Vacation...and hospital bracelets

We arrived at the beach house a little before dinner time on Thursday night. Mom beat us there and was waiting for us. We got everything situated and then headed out to check out the pool and beach while waiting for Kelli, Scott, and baby Joseph to arrive. The area was beautiful (i'm just now realizing that I didn't take any pictures of the actual beach house). It was literally across the street from the beach, with a pool at the bottom of our balcony stairs. What a great set-up for us!! After Kelli's family arrived and we got things settled, we had some fried chicken for dinner, hung out for a bit, and headed up to bed. It had been a long day of travel for all of us.

Before going to bed, David told me that his back was starting to hurt and that he thought it might be another kidney stone. He's had one once before - when Callie was 5 weeks old. The pain felt familiar, although more mild. I immediately groaned - felt bad for David, but also didn't want our vacation to be ruined!!! (I know, how selfish of me). He wasn't in terrible pain, so we hoped it was going to be much less painful this time around. Well, in the next hour or so, the pain definitely began to intensify and get worse. We had put the kids in bed, and I was getting ready for bed myself. I had finished feeding Caleb and put him down for the night and then laid down myself. It was about 11 pm, and David took a hot shower which helped some of his pain. The next thing I know, it was 3:45 AM and Caleb was waking up for a feeding. I got up and started feeding Caleb, when David walks into our bedroom....with HOSPITAL bracelets on and a bandage from an IV!!! I said "did you go to the hospital???" What in the world!! He did in fact!! The pain got really bad, and by 1am, decided he had to go to the ER to get some pain medication to get through it. Oh my word. So he looked up in the phone book where the hospital was, and then DROVE himself to the ER, and DROVE himself back home (yes, after being on an IV of pain narcotics!!) Good grief. I will say that while I was thankful that I didn't have to take my newborn into a hospital ER and instead we stayed home and slept, my family was so mad that he didn't wake someone up to drive him there!!

The crazy thing is that this is the 2nd time that he's had a kidney stone - and both times it was right after I had a baby. Callie was 5 weeks old last time, and now Caleb was 5 weeks! What are they doing at the hospital to my husband!!!


Courtney said...

those BOYS! remember when pat did the same thing?? when he dislocated his shoulder?? and i woke up to him on the couch with his arm in a sling? good grief! i was mad too...but then thankful that i had gotten a good night's least 1 of you had SOME sleep! how is he feeling now?? has it passed??

the wiedmaiers said...

He should have woken up one of the guys! Thankfully he DID let you sleep... great guy that husband of yours.

The Stein Family said...

Good Grief! I'm glad he's feeling better now!