Monday, September 7, 2009


We went to a putt-putt course on Monday morning and had a blast!! The Schrodt family was one team, and everyone else followed us as the next team. The two losers had to prepare lunch for everyone!! (Everything seems to be a competition in our family...friendly of course, but a competition none the less!) We had a GREAT time!!!

Uncle Scott was trying to teach Callie the correct form.
Josiah was VERY focused on it the whole time....

Jacob had fun with it...not so fact, when he got in the house later, he triumphantly declared "I cheated alot!"

David had Caleb in the snugli, and was worried it may handicap him too didn't. My mom and I lost! But everyone got a hole in one - Kelli even had 2 of them! :)

Here was their team - Scott, Kristen, Kelli, Mom, and Chris. Chris was the overall winner - only 2 over par!

Aren't they cute in their matching green shirts? :)

The boys LOVED the dinosaur hole!

Looking down on the others and checking their progress

Who can take time to smile at a picture when there is blue water everywhere!
The whole Schrodt family....can you see the top of Caleb's hat? :)

The girls! I love her!

Final hole!

The whole family!
(well, except my sister Kim's family who couldn't join us on this vacation. :( Next time)

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