Thursday, September 3, 2009

a new toy AND a new trick!

We've always borrowed these little "activity gyms" in the past with the other kids, but Caleb got a brand new one of his very own!! He loves it! :)
There's a LOT to see!! (and I thought the "zoo" theme was fitting, since we were AT the zoo while I was in labor with him!)

That night (Sept. 1) we gave Caleb his first bottle. David wasn't very excited about it, because my kids tend to throw a bit of a fit about it. I tried to tell him that the babies took it fine until they hit 4-5 months...when they were old enough to know the difference. But then Caleb made me out to be a liar and threw a fit when David tried to give it to him.

I took over, held him really close (the way only a mom does), got the bottle good and warm, and he took it just fine.


Judy said...

It's so nice to have a flexible baby that will take a bottle in a pinch! Although McKenna ended up liking her bottle better than her mommy, but we worked through it :)

The Stein Family said...

Matthew has been taking the occasional bottle fine too - hopefully I can keep it going. With Jonathan, I didn't give him many bottles because it was just easier to nurse him -- and then after a while, he refused the bottles, which made it harder to get a break from him! Hopefully I don't work myself into the same predicament this time!