Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SO proud of him.

Indulge me for a minute. And forgive me if it sounds too prideful. But I am SO proud of David. These last 6 months haven't been easy for him. Actually, the last year hasn't been easy. Losing a job, looking for a job, pregnant wife, 3 (now 4) kids constantly vying for his attention, selling a house, buying a house, starting a new job, having another baby, getting to know a new staff, working with a new choir and praise team and band, setting up all new relationships here, etc, etc. But boy has he excelled. He is truly doing what he loves. What he is gifted at (SO gifted at). And what he is passionate about. And so it is evident. To everyone. But I have seen him SO flourish and grow over these last 6 months. It is amazing. One of the other pastors told him yesterday "I knew you were an amazing musician when we hired you. I knew you'd do great with the praise team and the choir. But I had no idea what a wonderful pastor you'd be. You really are a minister first and a musician second - something not often found in music pastors." What a compliment! And SO true - I love you David and am SO proud of all that God is doing through you and with you!!


the wiedmaiers said...

It is great hearing that things are going so well. Glad that David is doing wonderful at his new position and being recognized for it. You have BOTH excelled at handling MUCH this past year ~ and you have both done it with such grace! Love you all!!

Courtney said...

that is so sweet, katy! and you SHOULD be proud of him! and yourself! you all have handled the last year with such amazing grace and obedience!

and i love the new header!

anthonyandbeth said...

i loved hearing about this and i was SO proud of him too, for you! it's been so wonderful to see David being able to do what he is passionate about, as you say. he's so good at it and i'm sure he is THRIVING! i loved that the pastor who spoke to him recognizes the importance of that positive praise and what that will do for David's confidence knowing that others see that he is in the RIGHT place and doing exactly what God created him to do!!! i know you are so proud of your you should be! ;)