Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! We had a good weekend around here - enjoyed a few days of not a whole lot on Friday and Saturday which felt SO good! Sunday is always a busy day, but was a great day of worship. The boys got to go to their first night of Music & Missions at church last night. I left David at home with Callie and Caleb (and a bottle), and I took the boys. I decided to stay with them because they were feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of ANOTHER new thing. Poor little guys - this has been a lot for them, but they've handled it so well!

So the first hour was children's choir which I think they'll really enjoy (especially Josiah). He has been declaring his LOVE of singing since VBS. And Jacob will probably be the kid on stage at the Chrismas program that is completely hamming it up. Anyways, then they have a snack and head to their missions class, which I love. Josiah is in the 1st/2nd grade boys class, and it's RAs for those of you familiar with the RA/GA program. Good, solid stuff. He loved it. I'm thankful. He still is sort of on his own a lot of times in these settings, but he is learning more names and is getting more comfortable. He has Awana on Wednesday nights (first night was last week), and I picked him up in TEARS because I was the last parent to pick him up (hello, 3 other kids that I was picking up first from all over the church). Poor guy. So we're working on it, but they are doing so well. I just keep praying for them, and for their hearts. That they would be confident in who they are and know that they are never alone...that Jesus is always with them...even if they are a bit nervous.

And I'm taking a stab at this whole couponing madness that has swept the blogging world! I went to a seminar at church on Thursday and cut a ridiculous amount of coupons out this weekend from 3 papers. Hoping to get my binder organized during naptime today. I made my first grocery trip today, knowing I wasn't completely set up and ready, but needing to take a stab at it anyways. I spent $88 and saved $116 - pretty good, huh? As my kids get bigger and bigger (and are eating more and more...these boys!), savings on groceries are becoming more and more important! :) I'll keep you posted!


Heather J said...

Glad to hear that everyone is adjusting - y'all seem as busy as ever!!! I've been at the couponing thing for 10months or so now, and let me tell you- the savings are ridiculous!!!! I give mini tutorials to people all the time - it's so fun to see how much you save!!!

Courtney said...

ok. keep me updated on the coupons. i've never gotten into it. i mostly buy generic stuff...not "brands" i've never thought it would be worth the time. let me know how it goes! {we also don't get any it worth it to buy a paper just for the coupons??}

The Schaper Scene said...

I have been "couponing" for almost a year now and have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It was a little bit time consuming at first, but I've got a pretty good system down now. Good luck!

anthonyandbeth said...

i've got to cut more coupons tonight and get things in order. Harris Teeter starts triples tomorrow! :)

know that i'm thinking about your little ones over here and praying for all the adjustments. you're such a good mommy Katy! thinking of them and trying to make them more comfortable. before you know it, this will be HOME in ever since of the word and it will all feel so normal. i know that is not far off with as loved and accepted you've been thus far! love you and loved talking to you today...and everyday! :) i'm serious. the day is just not the same without your ring... :)