Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday in Tampa

The boys eating don't even want to know how many eggs or how much bacon I cooked that morning! It was so fun!! It was a treat having the Sunday off from having to be "working" - we just got to have a leisurely breakfast and then head to church to regular people!
Kelli and I (see my new running visor that Kristen got me) - we did a speed 3 mile run that morning. Man was I hot and tired!!! I was so thankful for Kelli though - she's the one that inspired me to do all this and kept telling me that I could even when I thought there was no way. I told her back in October that if I was going to run this marathon in March and train through Christmas, then she was going to have to run with me. And she did - we ran each day according to my training schedule and I couldn't have done it without her. Shamrock here I come!
Here's Jacob loving on Matthew's head just like he does Callie. A few times, he got them confused I think - but the love is the same!
L-R, Jacob, John, Luke, and Josiah - at their church that morning in the children's wing. They had a FABULOUS time and loved going to their cousin's church. The worship was incredible - we loved going and being a part of it. We are so thankful that Kim & David and their family are in such a wonderful church.
Kristen fed Callie her solids for me that morning...another treat for me!
David and Scott...just chilling!
John and Kelli playing Go Fish before church

After church, we headed to their mall foodcourt for lunch. Their mall also has this 2-story carousel with this whirring tea cup thing. You can see Jacob holding on for dear life - I really thought he was going to lose it, but he did not want to be left out!! David was supposed to be the supervising adult, but as you can see from the picture, he was just taking it all in!!!

Luke taught Josiah how to play the Wii thing in the mall...
John was helping Callie to finish her grilled cheese from Five Guys!!! Yummy!

Josiah and John were playing Disney Pictionary later that afternoon during rest time. (Very cool game - it has a DVD that draws different Disney characters for the kids to guess)
All the girls were playing one of Mary's new was trying to guess what people would most love to do and why. Very fun pajama party, teenage, girlfriend type game!
Josiah, Luke and John played in the pool in their backyard for resttime!

Sorry for the out of order again....This is the kids after they got off that carousel thing!


Heidi said...

Oh we love five guys!!!

I just admire your dedication and commitment to your running. That is so incredible!! You have alot to be proud of and you are gonna run that race and do awesome!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

so proud of you with your running! Kelli has been a great encouragement to you, I know and I just love the quality time you got to spend with each of your sisters this Christmas! very special times and memories! the boys are making very special bonds with their cousins, too! and the pool in Dec???? how awesome is that???