Thursday, December 27, 2007


( Why do I always screw up the order? Oh well..) This is David and the boys in line for the first ride we went on - the Magic Carpet Ride. Of course, the kids have no idea who Aladdin is, but they thought the camels spitting water at them was hilarious!!!
Seriously - this is what we saw when we walked in! It's like a postcard or something!!!
Getting off the bus from the resort and heading into Magic Kingdom!!!
This was at the resort. Had just finished lunch and waiting for the bus. (Certain family members were slightly embarrassed that David was taking this picture....)
Of COURSE Orlando has the coolest looking McDonald's I ever saw!!! (FYI - No $1 menu there!!! Prices were jacked up!)
We sat in the front row and saw a show mid-afternoon. It was the first time the boys saw all the characters live and up close! They were astounded!!!
Tutu bought the boys Mickey ice cream sandwiches!!!!
Big hit with both boys!!! (It was SO hot that day - bizarre!!!)
David and Josiah on their first ride...
Jacob rode with me and he was so excited!

On Thursday morning, we got up bright and early and headed for Orlando! My oldest sister got us her Season Pass rate at the Disney All-Star Sports resort, so we headed there first to check in. We were able to check-in early and leave our luggage there. We enjoyed lunch and then headed to the Magic Kingdom!!! The kids (and us!) were in complete amazement as they looked around and saw everything! It was really crowded, but they have a great system in FastPass!!! We were able to meet up with Kim (my oldest sister) and her family for a few hours. They celebrated the week with her inlaws, so we got to see her for bits and pieces on Thursday & Friday. We were able to enjoy the Spectramagic Lights parade that evening and then went back to the hotel and put the kids to sleep in Mom's room. Then David and I headed back to Magic Kingdom and enjoyed a little date night!! Kristen, Kelli & Scott stayed for a bit too, and we had fun going on the rides that the kids wouldn't enjoy. It was very fun (sort of crazy how many small kids were still there - either asleep in strollers or wide awake at midnight!) Made us so thankful that our kids were NOT! Lucky for you, our camera battery died in the afternoon, so it's easy on the pictures today. Stay tuned for tomorrow though!!!!


Heidi said...

You must have just had constant joy in your heart watching these two little boys have the time of their lives!! So cute watching them endulge in their mickey icecream sandwiches. It's fun just looking at all the smiling faces. I could comment on all the picures!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

love, love, love, The Magic Kingdom. i know you had a blast! i bet the kids were just in awe! the mickey mouse ice creams looks yummy! the date night part sounds fabulous! very fun! :)