Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas!!!

Uncle Scott opening his stocking. (Aunt Kelli gave him some Harry Potter jelly beans - some are great flavors, others are black pepper, grass, and other disgusting things I won't mention. Yuck!)
The boys enjoying their Christmas donuts. This is a great tradition that we started a couple years ago - it buys us time so that we can have our big Christmas breakfast after stockings and the kids aren't dying. (And our Christmas breakfast was GREAT!!! The best Christmas bacon and a delicious egg dish with asparagus and hollandaise...yummy!! Hit the spot after Kelli and I had run our 4 miles that morning!!!)
Callie got some new bowls in her stocking!

It's like she KNEW it was Christmas morning or something!!!
She got an "MP3" player from my dad - it's the cutest little musical toy. Has a dial like an IPOD and everything!
This was the HIGH - the LOW was later. The kids all picked out presents for each other at the dollar store. Jacob picked out some nunchucks (sp?) for Josiah and this was Josiah's reaction - he was so excited!!!! After they finished opening presents, Josiah and Jacob went outside to play with their stuff and Josiah came back in about 5 minutes later in TEARS. His nunchucks has broken and he was devastated! It was very sad....The plight of toys from the dollar store, I guess!
Kelli & Scott got David a new Rubik's cube - 4x4!!!! He's gotten very close to solving it (last night he only had 3 squares wrong), but not yet! He's WAY smarter than I am!
The boys were VERY excited about participating in putting some things in David's stocking this year. They were showing him the superheros they picked for him!
My sisters and I started doing a stocking for Mom several years ago and it is a highlight for me!! It's fun turning the tables on her and getting to do one for HER after all these years!

Scott, I have about 5 pictures of you with a light sabre!! Maybe it should be on YOUR Christmas list next year! :) (Josiah and Jacob got them from Dad).

Has everyone else fallen in love with these Kid K'Nex sets like we have? My boys just love building and creating things, and these have been so fun!
This was Josiah sorting all the presents - he's just like his mother! That was always one of my favorite parts of the morning too! And this year, he could read all the names, so he didn't need any help!

Kelli and Callie
Kristen and Mom
Mom, Callie, Kelli, and Chloe
I guess Callie thought she needed her own light sabre, because she was chewing on the boys'!

Kristen is a director for the children's ministry at her church, and she brought a Christmas craft for the boys to do! They loved it!
Scott took the boys for a ride on his longboard later that afternoon. They LOVED it!

Two Callies! What could be better!!!
Kristen took us up to see her office and we totally embarrassed her by taking pictures of her office and her MANY awards around the building. This is her in front of her "Employee of the Year" award that she won in 2006! HELLO!!!


Judy said...

I love the pictures of Callies cute face on Christmas morning. It looks like she does know what's going on!! My sister and I do a stocking for my mom too, which is always very fun! I love it that the boys gave David superheros! Very cute!!!

Courtney said...

ok. LOVE the one of Callie smiling - it is precious!

Heidi said...

More incredible pictures of everyone enjoying each other...Callie in the mirror is so cute. I always wonder if they realize it's them or not. That is so cute of the boys buying David super heroes. Does that mean he nominated to be their superhero playmate, which I"m sure he already is.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of such an awesome week you had. I enjoyed all of the pictures!!

Jen said...

What a day - just a little chaotic! Looks like the kids couldn't have had a better time. I think Callie really enjoyed herself - she's so happy!

anthonyandbeth said...

employee of the year! go Kristen! looks like a very fun Christmas with your family! love the one of callie smiling...adorable! looks like the boys enjoyed every minute of it! :)