Friday, January 25, 2013

Lunch with Jacob

It has been a tough week for this one.  I think it started from last weekend.  I saw the wheels coming off on Monday when we were at the zoo.  Probably should have stayed home and had him take a nap.  Lack of sleep affects him the most.  He made a bad decision at school and got in trouble for the first time - which GREATLY upset him (as it should).  I was glad to see his heart respond the way that it did, but it's still tough to see your child go through tough stuff like that.  

He has had a hard time over the last couple of months.  He and Josiah have always been inseparable.  Best of friends.  Always together.  Would never want it any other way.  But as Josiah is getting older and starting to go through the "tween" stuff, he is wanting a little bit of space.  He is not always as kind to Jacob as he should be.  And it is breaking Jacob's heart.  We are working on it with Josiah for sure.  We continue to tell them that they are best friends and that they will ALWAYS be there for each other.  But we are also trying to be respectful of Josiah growing up and wanting to have a little bit of space from his 2nd grade brother.  

All of this has left Jacob feeling a little lost, I think.  He doesn't understand why Josiah wants that "space" and we are navigating carefully through these waters.  Wanting to still encourage and cultivate their relationship and also encourage them to have their own space and own friends as well.  

After a couple of hard days and some tears with Jacob, I was glad to get to spend some happy time with my boy.  I took advantage of David being home today and went to have lunch with him.  His lunch period falls during Judah's nap, so its harder for me to get up to have lunch with him than the other two.  I left the two little ones with david and went by Pizza Hut to pick up a personal pizza for him that he had earned from his reading program (BOOK IT - love that they still do this program!).  He was SO excited to see me and SO excited about his pizza (he's never had a personal pizza before - this was the first coupon we redeemed for it!).  I was thrilled to see his face light up and spend some sweet time with him.  

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You're such a good mommy