Monday, January 21, 2013

Long Weekends are the BEST!

The kids had Friday AND today off from school - hooray for a NICE long weekend! 

 Callie and Caleb enjoyed wearing the crowns that David & Josiah brought back from Medieval Times :).
 Our friend Joey spent the night after children's choir last night, so he was excited to come along with us today to the zoo!  He and Josiah attempted climbing the coconut trees first.

 The Galapagos turtles were out and all stretched out! Three of the babies that were born last fall were finally out in the grass too - they've been inside the reptile house/aquarium on display, but now they are big enough to be out with their momma! So cute!  (You can see them in the picture - just beyond the momma, you see three little shells in the grass).
 I had a few tired children after leaving the zoo.  I knew that before we left though since we had a few on their way to meltdown city...

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