Friday, January 4, 2013

Good Decision, Josiah!

Josiah has been saving his money for a LONG time.  We don't do allowance in our family.  But he does earn a little bit of money every week from teaching his karate lesson as a junior instruction in his dojo.  So he has been saving it for almost a year saying that he wanted an iPod Touch.  Mostly because that's what his friend has.  As his amount grew, we started talking more seriously about why he wanted that and what he was going to use it for.  After MUCH discussion, and MANY emails/texts/phone calls back and forth with my dad who is a technology whiz, he decided on the Kindle Fire.  It arrived Wednesday night, David got it all set up (Parental Controls!!) and when Josiah woke up this morning, he was SO excited to see it (he didn't think it was going to ship until tonight!)! The kids - who have been told very firmly that they aren't allowed to TOUCH it without permission - were happy just to observe!  :)


Courtney said...

how fun!!

Courtney said...

ps. YAY, you're blogging!!! :-)

anthonyandbeth said...

So fun for him!! Yay for research and saving up :)