Thursday, January 17, 2013

BIG day for TWO boys!

First up, the easy one.  Judah finally gets to add vegetables to his menu!  First up - Sweet Potatoes!

Not his most favorite thing ever.  Bet he'll like it better with butter and brown sugar!  :)

Second - BIG weekend ahead for Josiah!  They have a long weekend from school and so he and David are going away for THE talk this weekend.  Sigh.  What happened to my baby boy?  I'm thankful to have had a sister and several friends already go through this first so they could point us in the right direction!  :)  After much prayer and discussion, we decided to use the Passport 2 Purity resources from FamilyLife - it is AWESOME!!  Josiah was so excited about going away with David - he didn't know much about what to expect, but when he came home from school today (they had a half day), he saw these bags out on the kitchen table and said "woa. This weekend is a big deal, isn't it?" So cute.  These bags were their projects that they had to complete along with each listening session.  

 This was going to be his gift that David would present to him at the end of their weekend.  A leather-bound, teen guy bible :). No more kiddie bible!

Off they go!  I'm super excited for them.  A wee bit nervous, and a LOT relieved that we had boys first so David gets to do this first!  I have a few years to prepare myself for Callie!  :)

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