Saturday, January 28, 2012

Building, Running, and Reading

Does everyone else takes their kids to these free building workshops at Lowes or Home Depot? We love them!
As we were walking in, Josiah declared that he was NOT going to wear his apron....he cracks me up these days...THAT embarrasses him but he doesn't feel the need to brush his hair before school?

Later that afternoon, training commenced!! We have booked our family vacation at the beach for the summer, and we managed to find a 5K race the day before we check in to our house! So Kelli and I have twisted everyone's arm and the family is going to participate in the 5K as a pre-vacation kickoff! Isn't that fun? We did one together a few Christmases ago and it was a blast. There's a little bit we say competitiveness going on between the brothers-in-law right now over who will get the fastest time. David's hanging on to the fact that he's got the fastest half-marathon time and is claiming victory....we will see about that....
So David took the boys out for their first run together - and they loved it! They have run a mile several times for their karate tests and can do it well. David took them in our neighborhood where its hillier (and harder!) but they did well and are looking forward to the 5K! I'm proud of my boys!
This is why we sat in thousands (it felt like it at least) of couches when we were shopping for living room furniture. I wanted to make sure there was room enough for all of us!
Caleb was sitting in Jacob's lap while he read to us. I LOVE hearing him read! :)

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