Sunday, January 1, 2012


It was so sad to say goodbye to Mom. We absolutely LOVED having her with us for Christmas and the fact that she was able to stay all the way through my birthday was just the BEST! We loved having her here to just relax and enjoy the time off together - goodbyes are never easy!! She left that morning when we all left for church and I was mentally processing when we were going to see her again :)

I've been asking for these car decals for a while now and Kelli got me the set for my birthday! She said it was quite stressful to choose the personalization for everyone, but she totally hit the nail on the head! :) David has a microphone, Josiah is in his karate gi and with glasses, Jacob playing soccer, Callie the cheerleader, and Caleb's got a little train on his overalls. So cute!! VERY thankful for this precious family of mine!

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