Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Band Practice that Went Horribly Wrong

Wednesday nights are always an interesting night for this family. David rehearses with two different groups of musicians for the two different services that he leads each Sunday morning. He rehearses first with the choir which I sing with each week. During this rehearsal time, all the kids are in AWANA. Then at 7:30, he rehearses with the contemporary band and backup singers for the contemporary service that he leads. I sing on this team every other week. The weeks that I sing with them, it makes for a LATE night for my kids. But they have gotten into a groove with it (it's not new...) and we make it through. They stay in the worship center with us because there is not children's programming this late. Since they are the only kids there, it hasn't been worth it to pay for nursery out of David's budget during that time. They just play in the worship center and we make it through.

Until this week's practice. Josiah and Jacob were playing their DSI video games in the seats. Caleb and Callie tend to just run around the chairs or play hide and seek or dance to the music. they were on stage with us singing and dancing and Caleb went to walk behind David right as David turned around. He got tangled in David's legs, fell, and hit his chin right on the stage. Busted it open. Blood everywhere. He cried for a bit. I took him to the baptistry bathroom to get him cleaned up and get a look at it and knew that it was not going to close up without stitches. So off we went! Left the other kids there (Callie was very worried about her brother and wanted to come with me but I wouldn't let her...) and took Caleb to his first Urgent Care visit!
This little guy is tough. I mean really tough. Didn't cry a whole lot. Held the tissue on his chin the whole way to Urgent Care. Told me it was all done bleeding and he didn't need to see the doctor.
As we saw in the waiting room, he was happy to see "football guys" on TV as it was during college bowl game season. All the while, my head is reeling. This was my first trip to get stitches (I know - crazy. How is it possible that I've been a mom for more than 9 years and this is my first stitches trip??). I wasn't totally sure what to expect. Was still hoping maybe they could just glue it shut?
He laid in his bed while we waited and watched Max & Ruby on TV. He was rather enjoying the time with just mommy I think. Poor baby. We were tired too. It was after 9 pm.
He showed the doctor very bravely and told her that he "bonked into Daddy" when she asked what happened. :( The doctor said he was definitely going to need stitches and told me how to help hold him down. Ugh. I was wishing at this point that David was the parent here instead of me.

Caleb was a trooper. They wrapped him up like a burrito and had me help hold his legs down. He cried when he got the shot of novacaine and then cried for me and kept looking at me like "why are you letting them do this to me mommy". It was heart breaking. 4 stitches later, I was so glad to get to scoop him up. They said he was the best 2 year old they'd ever had. Sweet boy.

He appeared to forgive me and they gave him a little teddy bear which he was happy about. We went home and both went straight to bed. Emotionally draining night.

Oh, and I made a mental note to call our Preschool Ministry Director and tell her to go ahead and set up childcare for Callie and Caleb in the nursery from now on for the weeks that I sing with the contemporary team. David's budget was just going to have to deal with it! :)

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sandi said...

how did i miss this? and why is it that i too have been a mom for nine years but it is our oldest daughter who has had stitches twice and not the crazy older brother? seems like he did amazing with the whole ordeal.