Saturday, August 7, 2010

They sure did have fun!

The kids had a GREAT time while we were gone (oh, and Mom and Kelli had fun too!). I tell you what - it sure makes it easy to be gone for a few days when you KNOW that your kids are having a great time, being well taken care of, and don't even notice that you're gone! :)

You know how Jacob is - loves to get his hands on everyone! :) Joseph included!

Both of the boys have done SO well with piano - it's really been amazing to watch. But Josiah has ESPECIALLY taken to it - it comes very naturally to him (music has ALWAYS been just sort of "in his blood!") and he really enjoys it. I always find him playing the piano - not just practicing his stuff, but playing just for fun! I love it...and Tutu REALLY loves it! :)
I bet when Tutu bought this for Caleb, that she had NO idea how much fun BOTH Callie and Caleb would have with it! :) I got a text while at the conference with this picture on it - Mom said they must have done this for an hour - just laps and laps around the house! :)

They went and enjoyed the zoo one day :)

The boys had their first carousel ride!

Joseph loved it :)
Caleb loved it too...but held on VERY tightly to the pole AND to Tutu! :)
While the big kids were doing pony rides, Mom pulled some lollipops out of her purse for the babies. It was another FIRST for both boys - they LOVED it! Kelli said they sucked them down to the nubs! They said Caleb took to it immediately - knew exactly what he was supposed to do! It's amazing what things you don't have to teach the last child!

Kelli said mom's suitcase was like the Mary Poppins' bag - anytime someone was whiny or fussy or sad, she'd open up her suitcase and find another surprise in there that brought everyone's smiles out! :) She had some matching jammies in there for Caleb and Joseph - aren't they adorable?

Thanks Kelli and Mom - I know it wasn't a relaxing vacation for you like it was for David & me, but we sure did appreciate you doing it for us! We never would have been able to arrange this conference for us. It was an AWESOME gift for us to be able to go - so thank you! And Kelli, I can't wait to repay you when we get to have Joseph for a few weeks in the fall! Yippee!


the wiedmaiers said...

love love the matching jammies! remember when jacob was born and josiah stayed with our family... sam and josiah had matching jammies ~ of course that was unplanned! that was fresh on my mind from looking at pictures earlier with the children. funny how that was one we stumbled upon. what a great gift for your mom to come and watch the children! she is such a treasure to you and your family i miss seeing her when she visits. can't wait to see how it goes when joseph joins the family in a few months.

Jenn said...

are your mom and kelli for hire?? :) looks like they all had a great time! how special :)