Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kelli & Joseph arrive!

So the plan was set in place months and months ago. There is a big music conference in Spartanburg at the beginning of August every year. My mom has gone with my home church for something like the last 20 years. Well, when we moved here, we were excited to be able to go - especially because it's so close to us. But then last year I was sort of having a BABY the first week of August so it wasn't going to work out. THIS year though, we got it on the books right away! Mom volunteered to come down and stay with our kids, and roped Kelli & Joseph into coming up to help as well, so the plans were all set!

Kelli and Joseph drove up on Monday, but didn't arrive until late that night (although you wouldn't have known it by Joe - he was happy happy happy and ready to go!!!)
Everyone was SO excited to see them when they woke up on Tuesday morning! It didn't take long before Joseph had his first introduction with a light sabre! :)

I always crack up seeing Caleb and Joseph together. Joseph is 3 months older, and I swear it's like they really understand each other! They just look at each other, laugh, giggle, then grab the other's hair, it's a riot. Caleb tried to teach Joseph how to climb stairs! :)
Aunt Kelli must have been saying something very important :)
When Joseph arrived late Monday night, he was crawling around the kitchen floor for a few minutes and managed to get into my pantry. He pulled out a box of Oreo Cakesters (mmmm...have you had them? VERY special treat I had snuck away for the boys' starting school treat) and kept playing with it. It was like he KNEW something good was in there. Well, the next day, he did it a couple more times! So finally, after we finished dinner on Tuesday night, he pulled that box out again and I just HAD to give him one! Sure enough - he LOVED it!!! :) That boy could teach Caleb a lesson or two in eating! He is a smart boy!

Kelli's birthday was the end of July, but we were excited to get to give her our present in person! :) We gave her a blue shirt (in XS - she's SOOO skinny now!!!) and some matching fun jewelry (some of my kids thought it was cool, some thought it was too crazy!) She loved it though!

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anthonyandbeth said...

oh to be an xs. only in my dreams. :) she looks great and i'm so glad she was able to come and spend a few days before you left. :) what a good sister she is to you!