Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Off We Go!

So after all the birthday festivities were finally completed (including giving the birthday boy a bath and putting him in bed for a nap), the flurry of activity continued. The boys had a karate lesson they had to get to, and I was giving Mom and Kelli last minute information/instructions about the kids while we were gone.
Jacob's shirt was being embroidered, so he didn't have his full uniform yet.
Jacob quickly changed into a white t-shirt so at least he had the whole karate look. This was them doing their best karate "pose". They look pretty tough don't they?

Callie looked at Kelli and I and said "You guys match! Both pink!" :) And she was right! I was so thankful that Kelli made the big trip up here - I know travelling with a baby (and making arrangements to be gone all week) is not super easy, but I was so appreciative that she came up to help my Mom. It was really great that she came up early so I got to see her. She was planning to leave back home on Saturday morning (we weren't going to be home until Saturday afternoon), so I wouldn't get to see her when we got back.
Mom and Joseph.
I know I say this alot, but it is so fun having cousins the same age! The boys are hilarious together!! In October, Joseph is going to get to come be a Schrodt for about 10 days. Kelli and Scott are going to be celebrating their 10th anniversary and are letting us play with Joe for a week and half while they celebrate with a fabulous vacation overseas. We are SO excited!!!

So then I gave hugs and kisses to everyone, left my medical insurance cards on the counter (should anyone need stitches or anything while we're gone :) ) and off we went! David had to lead choir practice and band practice, and then we were off to Spartanburg for 3 days of a music conference! We were excited!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

the boys looks SO CUTE in their karate outfits. :) what fun! and cousins the same age is really fun. i'm so glad y'all are getting to enjoy that fun together. ;)

the wiedmaiers said...

leaving those medical insurance cards and the letter just in case of emergency were always the hardest... you never know. luckily the worst that happened with us was the wiedmaiers getting locked out of the house after dinner out with the children one night when we were in bermuda. of course it was thundering and raining hard that night!