Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going to pick up Tutu!

Mom's plane was due to arrive mid-morning on Wednesday, so after some playtime in the morning, Kelli took 4 kids to meet her, and I stayed home with a napping Caleb - and with a goal to pack for my trip! :)
Callie was a big helper pushing Joseph in his stroller...
I love these pictures! Running to see Tutu in the airport :)
Mom loves our airport here - there are white rocking chairs in the terminals - love the south!
Josiah was quite the gentleman carrying Tutu's luggage for her :)


Jenn said...

they have those rocking chairs at the charlotte airport too....LOVE THEM!! :)

the wiedmaiers said...

your mom looks great... tell her hello from sam's family.

anthonyandbeth said...

josiah looks so grown up in that picture! it's always fun when Tutu comes to town...i know your kids were excited! ;)