Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

These two came down first.  At 6:01 AM I believe (because we told them it couldn't be before 6 AM).  They have two totally different styles of going through their stockings.  Jacob dumps his whole stocking out and looks at it all.  Josiah goes through one item at a time....looking at each individual thing.  Any guesses which way I do it?  :)

She came down next...still QUITE sleepy but not wanting to miss out on the fun.  She is the MOST fun to watch open her stocking.  She gets so excited over every.single.thing.  And I LOVE that!  :)

Krispy Kreme failed us this year...they ran out of Christmas donuts by noon!  So we had to get some from Dunkin Donuts instead.  We HAVE to have our Christmas donuts!  It's what buys us time to leisurely wake up through stockings!

David's stocking

I'm not sure why Callie and Caleb look like they were saying the pledge of allegiance...they were getting ready to act out the nativity story :)
This little guy caught on VERY quickly to all the fun!
Trying hard to master one of his new games from his stocking
LOVE watching the kids act out the Nativity Story while David reads it from Scripture.

Okay! Code is cracked, now it's time to sort the presents!

Judah really messed up the "order" that I like to go through presents...he just wanted to keep opening!  A far cry from last year where he opened one present every few hours!!  We let him do his own little "order" to keep him occupied so the rest of us could enjoy :).  He got this puppy from my Dad and he thought it was hilarious to watch it sit, bark, and do flips!!
"Watch Judah! It's going to flip over!"
We got David a leaf blower...and the BIG thing about this is that Caleb was with me when i bought it over a month ago...and he kept the secret the WHOLE time!  I was astounded! :)

More fun to come...

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