Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

With last year's Christmas Eve disaster at the front of my mind, I made a conscious effort to NOT recreate that!  We had a lovely afternoon with some fun preparations.  Emmeline helped with our candy making traditions...

Somehow Caleb even managed to snap beans with only one hand!
Best attempt at a Christmas Eve picture :).  The service was absolutely glorious!  Such a precious tradition that I absolutely adore!
After getting home, everyone got to open one present...another Christmas Eve tradition.  It's always new jammies that they get to sleep in that night.  Callie's came with a matching nightgown for her doll :)
All the Schrodt kids - we are so blessed!  Time for bed - tomorrow is a BIG day!!

Stockings ready to go!  (This really is one of my absolutely favorite traditions :) ) It's almost Christmas Charlie!

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