Thursday, December 26, 2013

Really Kelli??

So Kelli's gifts for Jacob shipped separately...and one arrived by Christmas Day and the other did not.  Kelli is BIG about gifts -she spends so much time and energy in picking JUST the right gift for people - and always totally nails it. So Jacob's second present finally arrived and he was excited to open it...until he saw this black case.  He looked up at me with this strange look on his face...the other kids said "hmm.  she got you a haircut case."  I about died laughing.  She actually got him a really cool tool set, but the case it came in looks JUST like the one that my clippers are in for when I cut the boys hair!  It was hilarious.  He was trying so hard to be gracious about getting hair clippers for Christmas, but he was SO relieved once he realized what it ACTUALLY was!  :)
Daddy showing Jacob what all the tools are...time to plan the first project!

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