Friday, January 10, 2014

Lunch Money!

This kid is a mess!!
and he KNOWS it too!!
 That evening was a special concert for all the families and kids in our school.  We brought a few extra friends with us too :)

 When we did our fundraiser in the fall, the PTA decided to do school-wide incentives instead of the cheap, junky trinkets that they have done in the past (you know the kind - if you sell $10 of wrapping paper, you get a plastic frog...).  Instead, they opted for things like extra recess, silly sock day, etc as we reached our goals together as a school - it was great! The grand finale level was to have Lunch Money, the band, come and do an assembly/concert for our school!  It was SO fun!
The kids were all dancing around and Judah made his way into our principal's lap!  :)
 Callie and Emmeline were RIGHT up at the stage - they loved it!
Josiah, however, was totally embarrassed by the whole thing, and definitely "too cool" for it.  I kept telling him to relax and not be so uptight - that he could choose to enjoy it and have fun even if he thought it was "too young" for him.  Finally, I gave him $1 and told him to go start a conga line - sure enough, it was a BIG hit and he had a BALL!

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