Friday, January 3, 2014

Cast #3 for Caleb

After a super fun day with my girl, we met David at a restaurant for dinner to use a giftcard that we had gotten for Christmas.  As we're getting out of the car, Caleb says "Uh-oh - my arm came out!".  Sure enough, his arm had slid right out of his cast.  Oh my word.

 I told him to stick it back on as best as he could to keep it still while I called the orthopedic.  He was due to have his cast removed and xrayed on Tuesday anyways, but they said I would have to bring him in on Friday to have it recasted.
The doctor wasn't in on Friday morning, so he couldn't look to see if it was ready to go or not...soooooo...we got Cast #3 put on.  Caleb chose Panthers colors this time!  Oh my goodness - let's try to make it until Tuesday this time buddy - and maybe we can get it off for good!!

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