Friday, May 24, 2013

Zoo Field Trip

I love being at home with my kids during these precious years.  I am SO grateful for the time that I get to spend with them and the ways that I am able to be involved with them at school!  I was able to chaperone Jacob's field trip AGAIN, and since we have a membership there, David brought the boys and met us there (I rode the bus with the kids :)  ).

 Aren't their little 2nd grade class shirts adorable?  This is Mario, David, and Jacob - 3 amigos!
 The koala was AWAKE!!  A rarity!  They sleep 20 hours of the day!!

 Checking out the bunnies

They had a great time on the field trip, and on the bus ride on the way back to school, one of the other 2nd grade teachers came over to the kids and said to each one of them, "____ (insert name), you did such a great job today, that I'm giving you the day off on Monday and you don't have to come to school!" They got all excited and then realized Monday is Memorial Day and a holiday :).  8 year olds are so cute!
 I guess that Jacob didn't get enough of the outdoors that day, because he and Josiah decided to sleep in the treehouse that night :).

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