Saturday, May 18, 2013

One for the record books!!

 Upward doesn't do trophies.  They do an end of season gift (typically a ball, backpack, blanket - something useable.  This practical mom appreciates it!!)  But Jacob's coach wanted to buy trophies for his team and he did and awarded them after their game.  Told Jacob he was the best all around player.  Jacob was BEAMING!
It was a great season.  Crazy and chaotic a bit with 3 kids playing, 1 kid assistant coaching, 2 parents coaching, and 1 baby being tossed around amidst it all.  But we had a blast.  The kids had an AWESOME season and learned and grew as players.  AND, drumroll please....all three kids were undefeated all season long!  Crazy I know!  And I'm sure will never happen again, so we sure did enjoy it!!  :)

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