Friday, May 17, 2013

David, the little boys, and the Silver Saint Singers

On Friday, David and I both had somewhere we had to be!  I was going on a field trip with Jacob's class, and he had to go an end of the year cookout for the Silver Saints Singers (Northside's Senior Adult Choir).  Last year I went with him and brought Callie and Caleb and they had SO much fun (Callie still talks about how all the ladies are her best friends!).  This year, he got to take Caleb and Judah with him!  :)

Nerf gun bullets feel really good on the gums!  :)
They always do this end of year cookout at one of the ladies' lake houses, and I knew there would be plenty of sweet grandmas around to help David with the boys :)

Talking with sweet Mrs. Betsy
Judah is not a fan of keeping his hat on, as you can see :)

Playing a little soccer... (is David good or what?  He thought to bring this for Judah!)

Mrs. Gerry....precious lady.  She played soccer last year with Caleb and he remembered!!!  She played with him again this year...I hope Caleb went easy on her.  She is precious.
Yep, he loves her.

David texted this picture to me while I was on the field trip and said "Judah likes chocolate chip cookies!"  I said 'WHAT?!?!  He's not supposed to have that yet!" So then David's response was "well, I just took it away and he started bawling so I gave it back to him.  It won't kill him".  Hilarious.  And classic "Daddy Day".
Played down at the lake front for a bit

The boys had a great time!  

Later that night, we had a family fun night up at the school.  Dunk tank (bless those teachers!), carnival games - we love our school community!  Callie found a few of her friends from her class and they ran around like they were glued at the hip.  So funny. And so different from the boys!

Caleb was just happy that I bought him a slushie!  :)

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