Wednesday, December 17, 2008

YES - I'm OKAY!!!

Okay, so I've got some posts uploaded now, and can finally sit and post a few things! First of all, THANK YOU to all who have been praying and checking in on me! Just tonight, I answered three emails that said "just checking in, haven't seen you on the blog, wanted you to know we are praying and checking in on how you're doing." How amazing is that?

We are doing okay. Here's what is happening. It has been a crazy, and overwhelmed past few weeks. In lots of different ways. On the one hand, our entire lives have been turned upside down with the news of David losing his job at the church. So every spare minute has been occupied with getting resumes together, sending information out, getting videos of him leading worship uploaded to the computer (you can go on YouTube and search for "David Schrodt" and they'll pop up!), etc, etc. It's been mentally and emotionally exhausting to process all of this, as well as having the conclusion of our service nearly upon us. I have cried more at church in the last 3 weeks than I have in my whole life I think! Our last worship service is this coming Sunday, and the finality of it has been hard.

We have been so encouraged by our friends and family - and even strangers that we don't know. We have heard amazing testimony of how God has used the Kinetic service to pull people back into church, to teach them what real worship is, to make people realize how intimately involved God wants to be. It has been an amazing blessing to us to hear these stories. We have seen God's faithfulness first hand. We have been blessed with prayers and gifts more than I can even describe. I haven't bought a single present for my children because of our loss in salary, and yet each of my babies have presents under the tree - some that we don't even know who game them to us! God is good.

It has been a very different kind of December for us so far. Because of the job loss, we have made cutbacks that have changed the season and some of it's activities for us. We haven't done some of the crafts and outings that we usually do. We haven't mailed out Christmas cards or pictures this year. We haven't been out shopping. It's been different. And some days that has been hard. I am a traditional person - I LOVE those traditions. But it's also given us some very sweet family time of just us without anything else vying for our attention. And our focus has truly been on the Lord and all of His blessings.

And of course it's December and with that brings all of the other schedule things that make your schedule crazy too. The Christmas parties, programs, concerts, etc that just keep you busy! So that's why my head feels a bit like exploding - lots of emotional stuff that I'm processing along with the regular old busyness of the season. Keep praying for us. Pray for us on Sunday. It's bound to be a hard day. Pray that we would continue to follow exactly what steps God has for our family. We'll be travelling the first week in January to visit a church that David will be interviewing at, so pray for that trip. Continue to pray for provision for us in the meantime. Pray that David & I would be able to be the parents that our kids need us to - even while somewhat distracted with all this other stuff. Pray that I can be the wife to David that he needs me to be right now.

I love you guys. I truly appreciate each one of you and the amazing encouragement you have been to me. I had a mystery box of diapers appear at my house this week, and once again, I wanted to fall to my knees and cry. I truly thank God for each of you. Okay, I can't handle any more of this. Gotta go fold laundry or something. Love you girls!


dandsratz said...

Katy, as tears fall down my face....all I can write is, "You KNOW I love you!!" We talk almost every afternoon on the phone....your friendship means the world to me!! God is faithful, and as hard as things & times can be or get...I'm so thankful that He draws us closer to Him. And I totally's a Christmas to focus on Him. Doesn't get any better than that!! The change that may be coming both of our directions makes me cry...the thought of you leaving, or us leaving....the tears just flow. Can't handle that thought. :( BUT, on the FUN side of things....we get to party together Saturday night...can't WAIT!! Love you!!!!! Good grief....let me go blow my nose!!!

The Stein Family said...

You continue to to amaze me -- I will contiue praying for you and your family -- So happy to hear you're OK, I was worried and missed you.

anthonyandbeth said...

this posts brings such joy to my heart to see God taking care of you and your sweet family! we ARE praying for you and praying for wisdom as you wait for God to show you what's next. praying for your financial provision as you wait for what's next! praying for the interview next week and for the service Sunday. my heart and mind will be very distracted on Sunday I know, as I will be thinking of y'all and your service.

i love seeing how the Lord is drawing you to Him this Christmas. He is your focus and look how He is blessing you!!! it makes me want to cry just thinking about it! i LOVE knowing that your everyday needs are being provided and presents are under the tree for the kids!!! Praise the Lord!!! to see God's people come around you and bless your family just completely stops me, and reminds me to thank HIM, for you!!!

love you and can't wait to see you next week! :)

Jen said...

I'm glad to see you back in the blogging world too! I know this Sunday will be very difficult for you guys as it will for many others as well. I also know that in the Sundays that follow God is going to continue to do amazing things in your lives. If David is called to lead worship, God's going to put him somewhere that He can - He won't pass up an opportunity like that! I'm so thankful that you can see God's hand working and providing, I have no doubt it will continue. WE are constantly praying for you guys!

Heather J said...

Katy - it's so awesome to see your faith resound and that you know God is in control and has carefully orchestrated every single detail. Change is so hard but it's awesome that y'all are embracing and clinging to the Lord's promises! You Schrodts continue to be in our hearts & prayers. I, for one, am excited that the Schrodts maybe moving Southbound!! In all honesty, I want y'all to land where the Lord wills it- but it sure would be GREAT if it were in the Southern direction ;)!!! Love you guys!

Heidi said...

Hey girl, not sure what else I can say that hasn't already been said, but once on the other side of all this your faith in God, yourself, and each other will be stronger. It's the tuff times that can bond you closer if you let them. The prayers will defintely continue over here!!

Natalie said...

Katy, I am always amazed at your strength. I know this must be so difficult, but truly you are so blessed in so many ways and you are so strong in your faith that you know that in your soul. I continue to pray for you and know that God has BIG BIG plans for the Schrodt family as you continue to live your lives for Him.

Sarah Joy said...

Katy, You may not remember me but I am one of Judy's old friends. I also blog and check you blog once in a awhile. It just broke my heeart for you when I read through this today and I wanted to tell you that I will be praying earnestly for you and your family. My best friends husband is our music Pastor and we walked through a deep valley with them this past year... it shed great light on how to pray for them and people in ministry. I will use that to pray for you guys. The Lord goes before you and he also is your rear guard. He will protect you and keep you, he will be your strength and everlasting joy. Blessings to you in 2009 as you trust and walk with your Savior.