Monday, April 14, 2008

The Mayor's Cup

Josiah and Jacob running the bases before the game officially started.
Jacob did this for probably 20 minutes - climbed up to the top of the bleachers and then jumped off and laughed like crazy!
The team with Riptide!!!
The girls!
Josiah was playing third base...but keeping an eye on Riptide!!!
Callie, by the way, was TERRIFIED of RipTide!!! Chuck E. Cheese didn't phase her at all, but this guy put her over the edge!
They were all SO cute sitting on the bench!!!

They had a really cute inflatable that blew air to keep balls in the air (creating like a tee) so the kids could hit it. Jacob tore it up - he was great!
Good game, good game!

Callie wearing Daddy's precious.
This was at the end of the last game...waiting for the other teams to finish up so we could get their medals. Jacob climbed up on the bench next to his brother, and who KNOWS what they were talking about. I am SO thankful that they are TRULY best friends!

Saturday morning was one of those "good mommy" kinds of days. You know - when you hear about something that you think might be fun for your kids and decide to go ahead and try it! Well, I had seen "The Mayor's Cup" T-ball game advertised at our library every week for the last month or two. I decided that it seemed like a fun thing that Josiah might enjoy since he's getting ready to play t-ball in May. It is put on by our city and is for 5-7 year olds to come out and play. Totally free too (the BEST!). So I signed him up and off we went! We were blessed with a beautiful morning (it was in the 70s and just perfect!), and the kids were so excited and happy just to be outside! It turns out that they've done this for the last 4 years and they did such a great job! Like I said, our city sponsored it, and the kids all got a tshirt, goody bag, certificate, and a medal. They had some raffle prizes at the end too (gave away a bunch of tball stuff, 2 bikes, and even a computer!), but as Josiah said, "our tickets didn't work for any of it". They had snacks and drinks (Krispy Kreme donuts - hello!) and their corporate sponsors had such fun things in the goody bags too. It was done much better than I anticipated!!!

Josiah LOVED playing - he's so excited for his "real" team to start now. It was a great way to "kick-off" the season for him. He caught on very quickly and loved batting and running the bases the best. There were some very entertaining moments - one kid hit the ball off the tee, and when it didn't go very far, picked it up and threw it farther out before starting to run!! So cute - they are all so little. We had a few kids fall over while swinging, and one boy that consistently ran the wrong way! But it was such fun. Jacob and Callie just loved playing on the bleachers and in the grass with me. It was a WONDERFUL Saturday morning!


anthonyandbeth said...

so, so, fun!!! you ALWAYS find the best things to do! :) i'm glad it was so well done and that Josiah loved it too. i bet it's gotten him all excited about his season of t-ball coming up! isn't it fun?? harrison really does love t-ball! :)

Judy said...

What a fun morning. I'm with Callie on this one, Riptide does look a little scary. I've never seen the inflatable that keeps the ball in the air like a tee. I can't wait to tell Ryan about it, what a clever idea. Sorry that your tickets "didn't work" for any of the cool stuff, but it looks like a great time anyway!

Jen said...

THat's so cool - what a fun experience and morning out!

Heidi said...

You and Callie look so cute hanging out together!! The one of just her is just precious!! Those big eyes!! Love it!! Looks like the boys had an absolute ball!!

Mandy said...

What a fun morning for you all! You do always manage to find the best activities. It looks like everyone had a blast. I love the picture of Jacob about to jump off of the bleachers:) You can see the adrenaline in his expression:)