Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The day before Jacob left for camp, I asked if he wanted to take any spending money with him.  He said no - he wasn't going to buy anything while at camp.  A little bit later, he came downstairs and said he couldn't find his wallet.  I told him to look again - he had just had it downstairs the week before to count his money.  There was a Father's Day sale on iPad Minis and he was checking to see if he had enough money.  He's been saving this money for 1 1/2 years - all his birthday money, Christmas money, tooth fairy money - etc.  He had saved $140 all by himself.  And he could not find his wallet.  ANYWHERE.  I looked with him everywhere.  Turned the house upside down.  Looked in every thing.  Under every pillow.  In every hole I could think of.  He cried.  I wanted to cry for him.  Felt so badly for him.  Couldn't think where it could possibly be.  Had a terrible feeling about Judah....he doesn't throw stuff away, but with a baby his age that is always a possibility....we looked through the trash...even looked through bins in the attic.  Nowhere.  Told Jacob to pray.  And we prayed for a miracle.  We had sweet friends that encouraged him on facebook.  Kelli suggested that I give Judah something shiny and then follow him to see if he has a secret stash :).  We had friends who offered to help him rebuild his savings account :).  Precious.  But as sick as I felt and as sad as Jacob was, we both knew it was a tough life lesson.

And then, TODAY!  I was in the office printing out some coupons while the boys were at karate.  All of a sudden, I heard Callie scream "MOM!  It's a miracle!!".  I went running and she had Jacob's wallet in her hand!  She said it was in her backpack!  I had CHECKED that backpack several times - there is no doubt in my mind that God put it there for Jacob!  :)  She was so excited - I asked if she wanted me to call David so he could tell Jacob.  She said no - she wanted to surprise Jacob herself when he got home.  So she wrapped it up and we waited a LONG 30 minutes until he got home!!

Giving Jacob what she had wrapped up...

BEAMING!  He was so excited!!  He didn't even complain about paying Callie the $20 reward he had offered :).  We are thankful over here.  That God sees and hears even little boys' prayers about their missing dollars!

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