Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blowing through...

A picture like this can only mean one thing....Addison is here!  :)  They arrived late last night and are on their way to vacation in Charleston!  We were lucky enough to steal them for the night and this morning before they arrive at their destination.  We will take whatever time we can get with our favorite Raleigh peeps!  We headed to the pool for a little swim before lunch.  And of course all of Addison & Callie's babies had to come with us.  Judah was kind enough to share his wagon with them (really, they commandeered it...)

I love looking in front of me and seeing all these sweet kids that have known each other their whole lives!!
It's never long enough, but we LOVED having them!  Sorry we kept you up so late Beth & Anthony - but it was worth every minute!  :)

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