Monday, March 3, 2014

One Fish, Two Fish...

 It was Dr. Seuss week at school to coincide with his birthday!  Jacob's teacher asked me to come and bring a special snack for their special R.E.A.D time - so it was blue/red jello and red swedish fish.  They loved it!

 You don't have to guess much with Jacob - his face says it all!  :)
 For their reading time, they got to bring blankets or stuffed animals to cuddle up with :)

After school, the older four kids had dentist appointments.  Judah kept entertained once he found this magazine.  
 Uh oh....looks like Judah got into the pantry....AGAIN!!!  Gotta figure out how to lock these dorrs!

My little lion of Judah - LOVES lions!  :)  His lovey is a lion -he got it from a friend of mine at my baby shower and he LOVES it!  I was going through bins of clothes in the attic and found an old lion costume that the kids all wore.  He saw it, grabbed it, and LIT up - he LOVES lions!  :)

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