Thursday, September 29, 2011

HER first haircut...

I shouldn't be that surprised, right? Every kid does it, or so I've heard. Thursday mornings are a little crazy around here. I should back up. Wednesday nights are a little crazy. It's a late night at church for us. REALLY late if it's a week that I'm singing on praise team. Then Thursday mornings I lead biblestudy from our home. It's worked out great for the last year - the kids always went to a Mother's Morning Out at a church down the street for me. But they cancelled it this year. So without any other options, Callie and Caleb stay home on Thursdays and I pray that they can stay out of trouble. They play upstairs for 45 minutes while I'm leading the discussion and going over our homework....then they are allowed to come downstairs and watch a movie/play in the playroom while we watch our DVD of Beth Moore. They have done well so far.

On this particular Thursday, I had a meeting with one of the ladies in biblestudy afterwards - she is our new Preschool Director at church and we were talking over a few things. The kids were running around and playing, and all of a sudden, Callie came downstairs and looked at me - and I knew. She had cut her hair.
This is the pile of hair I found upstairs.
She gave herself a mullet. Oh my. Totally cut bangs for herself and then cut the sides. Oh my.
She doesn't look very broken up about it, does she? :) Could have been a lot worse I suppose. I know a lot of little girls that have cut bangs WAY up at the hairline - at least these were still decent...but the mullet look was just rough. David about died when he got home and saw it. Poor thing. Good thing we're using our pictures from the beach for the Christmas cards this year!

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