Friday, September 23, 2011

Callie's Dolls...all of them....

A sweet lady from church asked me after choir one Sunday night - with Callie standing right there - if we would like to have her barbies....her girls were done with them....I thought Callie was going to stroke out she was so excited!! (Of course, because Callie was right there with me, there was no way I could hide them away and give her two now and save the rest for later, etc) THIS is what we came home with! Everywhere Callie goes, she has to take them ALL with her. They ALL go upstairs together, they ALL come down together, etc. It's pretty funny. She's constantly lining them ALL up on her bed, or ALL up on the couch like this. It cracks me up. I remember doing the same thing. I suppose it's just like Josiah and Jacob lining up their matchbox cars at this age, right? :)

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