Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The last visit to the Williams Family of 4!!!

Beth & Anthony's house backs up to some woods, and so both nights, the daddies took all the boys on a hike. They had a BLAST!! The second night, they got so adventurous, that Beth had to go pick them up because they ended up so far away (and it was DINNER time!!!) The boys came back filthy and all scratched up, but SOOO happy!
The four boys at one of the parks we went to. (Jacob, Josiah, Harrison, and Jackson)
Miss Beth & Callie - pretty in pink!!!
The boys with their loot after our Easter egg hunt! :)
This was the funniest thing. All week, Callie had a cold and so was not quite as chipper as she normally is. Well, the last night, I had finished feeding Callie and we were getting ready to hit the road and drive back home. She was past her bedtime, but we weren't quite done loading up the car. Anthony came and took her so I could finish packing and the next thing you know, she was BEAMING from ear to ear!!! Apparently he had the magic touch!!

We had a wonderful visit down with Beth and Anthony for a few days at the beginning of our week. Since David had off for spring break, we headed down to NC to see the Williams family for a few days. David volunteered to help Anthony with some painting, so they were VERY productive. Beth & I and the kids, however, just played played played!! The weather was beautiful and we went to a couple different parks. We had a great time, as always, and can't wait to do it again. It was strange though - as we were leaving, it dawned on us all that the next trip we make down to NC will be to visit the Williams family of FIVE most likely!!! It's getting so exciting waiting for Addison to make her arrival!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

we do look pretty in pink together! :) we enjoyed you guys SO much! we LOVE having the Schrodt's come to visit! still amazed at how smoothly painting a bottom floor went with five kids in the house. thanks again to David for his willingness to help and spend part of his vacation "working"! :) looking forward to the next visit, and you're right, baby Addison will be able to enjoy all the fun times! :) love you!!!

Judy said...

Great Christian friends are such a blessing! It looks like you had a great visit. I'm sure the boys were loving it!

Heidi said...

I know you cherish the times you spend with the Williams Family. It's priceless to have those friendships.

Jayne said...

What a great way for everyone to spend a break! I know Anthony and Beth can't wait to bring Addison home and add her to all the fun in the WIlliams' household!

Natalie said...

What a great way to spend the break! I know you love the Williams family dearly, and I love hearing about and seeing pictures of your visits with them!